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Colloid mill 132

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A new version of the machine for peanut butter production, that can be used to make all types of nut pastes / butters.

To buy the peanut grinder or to request additional details, please contact us at:

* The price is set for the basic version, without additional options.
Power consumption options, kW: 5,5 / 7,5 / 11 / 15

This is our new and improved commercial colloid mill used as a peanut butter making machine. A simple and convenient solution for continuous grinding to obtain a finished paste-like product out of nuts, with various viscosities and without the need for product preparation or another type of treatment!

Products for processing
Beans (soy, peanuts, cocoa)
Spices (dried)

 grinding/dispersion
 emulsification
 homogenization

The colloid mill machine is used to make nut pastes, creams and butters
• peanut butter
• cashew pasta/ butter
• hazelnut paste/ butter
• pistachio paste/ butter
• tahini and many others products

The basic version of the peanut butter grinding machine consists of a powerful high-speed electric motor mounted on legs, on the shaft of which a specially shaped rotor is installed, the stator is mounted on the front panel. The inlet and outlet pipes are also a part of the device. The advantage of this new model is the possibility of setting the distance between the rotor and the stator, selecting the desired size of the particles and fractions. The three-point adjustment system ensures high processing efficiency and also expands the possibilities of using the unit for various types of raw materials.

The principle of operation of a colloid mill is based on a targeted impact of the product between the rotor and stator, enabling the generation of fine particles with a colloidal size (fractions of a micrometer).

Technical parameters of the base model:
Speed, rpm - 3000
Dimensions (H/L/W), mm - 339/638/288
Weight, kg - 50
Material - AISI304
Three-phase power supply:
Voltage, V – 230/400*
Frequency, Hz – 50/60
Made in Slovakia
Productivity – 180 - 240 kg/h**
*-connection with a frequency converter
**-depending on the product

Other options for colloid mill:
• supporting structure for the device
• free-standing frequency converter (separate control panel)
• height adjustable legs (up to 100 mm)
• decorative cover made out of polished stainless steel

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Colloid mill 132
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