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Laser engraving machine and laser cutting machine
Laser engraving machine and laser cutting machine - фото 1
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Laser engraving machine and laser cutting machine

2 600 $/штука
оптовая цена
2 400 - 2 500 $/штука
Условия поставки: EXW Цзинань
Song Jack
sales manager
,  Цзинань, CN
на Флагма с 20 августа 2019


Laser engraving machine, using regular professional laser system, stable and reliable, WindowsXP and above systems can run, Ruida control board, small handicraft engraving machine, USB interface, can work offline. This machine is suitable for all kinds of non-metallic materials, such as jade, crystal, wood, plastic, acrylic and so on.
Applicable industries:
1, Mainly used in advertising signs, craft gifts, crystal decoration, paper-cutting process, bamboo and wood carving process.
2, It is suitable for the processing of small-scale handicrafts. It is engraved with various graphics and characters on two-color boards, wood boards, bamboo sheets, plexiglass and cloth.
3, The name, model, logo, pattern, etc. can be engraved on the electronic component and is permanent.
Parameters of laser carving machine EK3050:
1 Machine model EK3050 laser engraving machine
2 Laser power 50W/60W
3 Laser type CO2 Closed glass tube laser
4 Processing format 300*500mm
5 Drive configuration Leisai driver
6 Motherboard configuration r Ruida motherboard and controller
7 Minimum forming characters Letters: 1 * 1mm
8 Platform configuration Cellular platform / aluminum knife platform
(optional manual / automatic lifting platform)
9 Positioning accuracy <0.01mm
10 Data transmission interface USB / network cable / offline independent work
11 Power supply voltage AC220±10% 50HZ/AC110±10% 60HZ
12 System Environment windows xp/window 7
13 Cooling method Water cooling and protection system
14 Support for graphic formats All coreldraw recognizable file formats
15 Engraving thickness 0-10mm (cutting depth is for reference only
mainly depends on the material and customer's
quality requirements for cutting)
16 Color separation cutting Up to 256 layers of color separation
17 Water cut protection Yes
18 Power failure protection Yes
19 Packaging Plywood, wooden box packaging

Номер объявления: 470
,  Цзинань, CN
на Флагма с 20 августа 2019

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